Photographs of Italy, Italian Archive and worldwide commissions of hotel photography

I am based in the Charente Maritime in southwest France for much of the year but work all over Europe and frequently visit the UK.  Feel free to contact me about anything on this site or to discuss exhibitions, purchases or commissions. You can follow my new blog to keep up to date.

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current work

For some years much of my personal work has sought to convey a sense of history, usually directed at specific places in time, but recently I have been attempting something different. My gaze is now directed at familiar objects and enclosed spaces and their potential to form a projection of one's self. These often find equivalents in apparently mundane domestic situations and probe at an innermost thoughts and feelings of a very personal landscape. The inevitable continuum of history reflects the inherent stories we all remember from the past as embodied in our memories and represented by the inherited spaces and things. Photography has become an invaluable tool for me to re-assess my personal space and redefine it along with the inherent contradictions we all have in respect of possessions which become symbols of the past and tactile reminders of our fragile certainties. No longer ona quest to seek out and record conventional beauty I now attempt to define the transient nature of places and things, the fragile boundaries of our domestic comfort zones, the sometime futility of human endeavour, the strange new world we are re-creating, the echo of this very moment, the past and future entwined. You stare long enough and everything becomes interesting.